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All the domain names for sale at Deal Names™ are available for immediate acquisition with fixed "Buy Now" prices.* All prices are listed in $USD. If you proceed to buy domain names via the instructions on the category pages to a name's "sales page", prices are available in both $USD and EURO. The advertised price is the full price you pay. (We pay the sales commission to Sedo® our sales, transfer and escrow agent. Sedo is an internationally recognised, wholly independent and unconnected company whose public sales, transfer and escrow services are used exclusively by this site.) Your only other cost is annual registration — typically around $12 for a dot com domain.

*This site may only be updated every 24 hours or so. There is a small chance that a domain still listed on this website may have been sold in the last few hours. However, the Sedo sales page updates almost instantaneously. Your payment is not accepted if a domain is no longer available. See details on the listings pages.

Our sales are handled exclusively by Sedo® whose reliable security and escrow systems are internationally recognised and trusted. Major credit cards are accepted and the sales pages present a range of payment options. Please note that Deal Names is entirely independent of Sedo.

The domain names for sale on this site represent truly excellent value and potential.

Some valuable domains include more than one domain — indicated by the word "PACKAGE" below the "For Sale!" button. This means that two or more matching domains are included for the same price.

If you haven't purchased a domain name before, it's really not too difficult. There are two options — acquisition from a portfolio reseller like Deal Names (where finer names are typically available, but at higher prices) or buy domain names directly from a domain registrar (where a domain purchase is typically around $12, but where very few good names are available).

The second stage of the process is annual renewal, typically around $12 per year (for a ".com"). Once you acquire a domain, you must renew it annually for as long as you wish to retain it. While you are always hearing about people buying domain names, it would be more accurate to call it "leasing domain names" because if you don't pay your annual fee, the name automatically reverts to the general domain pool after a "grace" period.

So if you find the domain you want directly at a registrar (via their search fields) buy it and simply pay the renewal fee each year. The original name "purchase" should include the first year of ownership registration.

IMPORTANT TIP: If you find an available domain you like at a registrar (ie if you perform a search for it) buy it promptly. There are people who track registry searches who buy good unpurchased names that seekers have hesitated to acquire immediately.

On the other hand, if you acquire a domain on the aftermarket at a reseller site like Deal Names, you will also need to open a registrar account so that the domain can be transferred from our registrar to yours, so that you in turn can hold it and renew it into the future for as long as you wish.

All good registrars provide full information about buying and renewing domain names. All our domains are registered with either GoDaddy® or Moniker®. We recommend both of these registrars. For the simplest and fastest acquisition process, open an account with one of these registrars so that Deal Names can quickly "push" your new domain into your own account.

SPECIAL NOTE: While you can acquire a domain in just minutes, the complete transfer process may take around seven days to complete. (But if urgent, you can start using the name in around 24 hours during the transfer period by contacting Deal Names. This can be done for free by "pointing" the domain in question at your website in advance).

There are two aspects to operating a website. First, you create a website and upload it to a server, typically maintained by a web hosting company. Second, you "point" your domain at that server. So there is a kind of partnership between your domain registrar and your web host. You control it all via two accounts, your registrar account and your web host account.

Hosting servers require that a domain points to it's two required IP (Internet Protocol) addresses for it to function. These are generally comprised of names something like "NS1.HOSTNAMEPARKING.COM" and "NS2.HOSTNAMEPARKING.COM". (NS means nameserver).

Your host company provides info on what two IP addresses they need you to input inside your domain's registrar account. (It can take more than 24 hours for new IP addresses to take effect.)

Your registrar provides info on how to do this. With Godaddy, for example, go to your Domain Manager page, select your domain name, then on the button that says "Name servers". Then, you get a pair of fields where you type in the two IP addresses as mentioned above. (There are usually more than two fields, but only two are compulsory.)

SPECIAL NOTE: Most registrars give you the option of "locking" your domain. Always keep it locked. You can simply temporarily unlock it whenever you want to change something like it's name server pointing etc. Locking your domain makes it almost impossible to steal or tamper with.


1. Register a domain and keep it in your password protected account at a registrar. Only you need know this password. Your web design company and/or web hosting company do not need to know your password. Remember to renew your domain(s) annually.

2. Find a web design company. They work in association with a host company (or are also one themselves). They build you a website and place it on a password protected server. They tell you the two required IP addresses your domain requires. Both you and your design company can share knowledge of your host company account password. But only you need to know your domain password at your registrar.

3. Find a web hosting company. (Your web design company may do this for you, or act in this capacity themselves). Your web design company will typically upload your site to the agreed web host, and typically manage and update the site on your behalf into the future. Obtain from the hosting company the two IP addresses that are required by the hosting server.

4. Input the IP addresses into your domain's account at your domain name registrar as described above. (This way you don't have to let your host or anyone else access your priceless and confidential domain account).

After 12-24 hours or so, internet traffic is directed to your website.

As described in detail in our Terms and Conditions, text on this site constitutes opinion only, does not constitute expert or legal advice and no responsibility is taken for any consequences or omissions etc. Information about our privacy policy is available on our Privacy page.

Deal Names wishes you good luck with your domain search.

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