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Deal Names™ is a premium domain name portfolio with a special focus on business. An exceptional collection of high value, low cost domain names for sale with great commercial potential. All have a fixed price. The fine internet, computers, search, mail and security domains listed below are available for fast purchase. Deal Names. A great place to buy domain names.

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 AmalgamatedDomains.com  $999 USD

 GrabDownloads.com  $999 USD

 SuperTechnicians.com  $999 USD

 DimensionDomains.com  $899 USD

 SmokeCast.com  $2499 USD

 Kommunicators.com  $1699 USD

 PerfectionDomains.com  $499 USD

 ModuleWebsites.com  $2999 USD

 RaiderRadar.com  $1699 USD

 InsigniaDomains.com  $899 USD

 ConnectionJet.com  $699 USD

 FactorTech.com  $2999 USD

 Factomatic.com  $999 USD

 VOIPsound.com  $499 USD

 FloatingClouds.com  $1999 USD

 AppInternational.com  $2499 USD

 AppsCorporation.com  $999 USD

 DomainMarketeer.com  $999 USD

 SideCloud.com  $1699 USD

 ComputerSuppliers.com  $2499 USD


1. It's easy! In the following field, provided by Sedo® the sales agent used exclusively by DealNames, type the exact domain you want to purchase. (You can even copy and paste from the listings above!) Click "Go" and follow the instructions…

2. This takes you to the domain's info page. The following message confirms immediate availability: "The Domain yourname.com is for sale." (Your domain replaces "yourname.com".) Next, simply click the "More Information" button to proceed to the sales page.
3. This takes you to the domain's sales page where it will say "yourname.com is for sale." Sedo® provides instructions here on how to pay safely and securely.
4. Here, simply click the "Buy Domain" button. You and Deal Names then enter into a legal contract. Deal Names, by listing our domains with Sedo, is legally bound to complete the sale at the advertised price and transfer the domain to you after their escrow service has received your full payment.
5. Once your payment has been confirmed, the domain is transferred to your chosen registrar. (Assistance with the transfer process is available.) Your money is safely protected by the escrow process — Sedo does not pay us your money until the domain transfer to you has been confirmed. Secure and simple!


1. It's easy! Simply type the full domain you want (for example: www.yourname.com) directly into your web browser. This takes you to the domain's info page (similar to step 2 above).
2. Then, click on the link that says "The domain yourname.com may be for sale by it's owner. More details."
3. Follow the instructions, similar to above. Easy!


If you haven't purchased a domain before, you may find our More Info and home pages useful.

To purchase a domain you must agree to the terms and conditions of both Deal Names and sedo.com (Sedo® is a wholly independent company whose expert sales, transfer and escrow services are used exclusively by this site).

This site may only be updated every 24 hours or so. So there is a very small chance that a domain still listed at DealNames may have been sold in the last few hours. However, Sedo listings and sales are updated within seconds. Don't worry. If you try to purchase a recently sold domain your money is safeguarded and the payment process is disabled. The domain's info page will say "The Domain yourname.com is registered." (instead of for sale). If you proceed via the alternative method but the domain has been sold, the sales link will no longer show on the info page, disabling the payment process.

Deal Names. Domains that mean business.


Deal Names

A marketplace of hundreds of fixed price business domain names for sale — available now!
NOTE: A large portfolio of brandable 5 letter domains are available on the Brands page.


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